Lingua International Language Support and Translation Services

Lingua offers website globalization solutions, including content translation and international website design consulting. We understand the importance of website communication to the intended audience, whether that audience is geographically located in a single country, or that audience spans multiple countries. Lingua's globalization team can translate the content for the web design team, or we can translate the content and lay the translated content into the website framework.

Lingua participates with the website content owners, content writers and website design team to recommend the best customer experience for the country's culture. We have experience with privacy policies when marketing products and services to a global audience. Our team has experience translating the following technologies:

  • Website content
  • Macromedia ® Flash ® movies
  • Graphics, including navigation menu items and product/service graphics
  • Multimedia, including audio and video
  • Screen savers

We understand the unique communication requirements for countries and cultures around the world. Whether you want to communicate more effectively to your existing market, or extend your markets to new territories, Lingua offers the best solution at nearly 25%-40% below current market prices.

Call us to discuss your needs. We will be happy to assist you with the globalization process.


  • The publishing team has experience localizing content in many languages using software tools such as Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Photoshop and latest HTML coding working with PC and/or Mac software.
  • The design team also has access to a diverse set of browsers for testing, and can test the application in different screen resolutions if needed. The default testing of publishing and graphics services for web applications meets all the standard requirements in the industry and is updated as needed.
  • High-resolution, ready-for-print PDF files are provided to the client once the translation and typeset has been approved. We also provide the full graphics package, including all design and graphics files, and can deliver such files directly to the printer.